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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Too pooped to pop?

Did you start off 2013 vowing to be at the gym everyday And that you would have your beach body by summer but have since gotten off track a bit? Everyone starts off the year with good intentions. Some may keep their vows, and some may not. I often hear people say that they are too busy, too tired or too something to exercise. These excuses aren't going to get you in shape.  It might work your jaw muscles complaining, but definitely not your abs! Here are some stay motivated tips to keep you, or get you back on track.

1. Change your mindset

In order to be a healthier individual, or athlete you need to think like one. Keep reminding  yourself over and over what your goals are.  When you are in line waiting to order lunch, ask yourself what would an athlete eat here? This will help you make better choices.  And STOP making excuses! You are the one standing in your way out the door to the gym.  If Mr.  President can find time in his schedule to exercise so can you.

2. Set a goal

Making realistic, attainable goals will keep you motivated to achieve them. Set a goal and a time frame. Say it out loud,  tell people. If you make your goal known people will cheer you on. It can be as simple as loosing a pound a week, or running a 5k. If you need a healthy event to strive for check your local charities for their events.  The Susan G. Koman 5k for breast cancer, a run or walk against bullying, the color run, or warrior dash to name a few.  There is an event virtually every weekend.  Get a group together and train for this goal. Make sure you set a realistic goal so you don't set yourself up for failure.  Not everyone can run a 5k. So you walked the whole thing this year, shoot for running it next year.  At least you finished!

3. Make a date with the gym

Treat your workout like an important appointment.  Sit down with your weekly schedule and set aside time for you to exercise. If you miss an appointment reschedule within that week.  I understand life gets in the way sometimes, but you need to make a concerted effort to make exercise a priority. After all there is only proof that exercise and a healthy lifestyle benefit the body.

4. Have fun

Who cares what you look like.  So you don't have the newest sneakers or most expensive workout gear.  You are there, you made it,  now get sweaty! Everyone is at the gym to be a healthier individual, no one cares that you are galloping sideways on the treadmill, or making goofy faces as you push through the last 2 bicep curls. Also expand your horizons. Shake your money maker every which way in Zumba, or stretch out your muscles in yoga. If you keep your mind open to different ways of working out you will never be bored.

5. Support, Support, Support!

All athletes have a support system.  It may be their trainer, family, friends or all of the above.  If you have a support system to keep you motivated there is little room for failure. Surround yourself with people that have similar goals. This will keep everyone on track. Look at the people you have cheering for you to succeed, you don't want room disappoint! There are a number if social networks that offer support as well. 

If you keep these simple steps in mind you are well on your way to being in better shape and a healthier person. You may not have shredded abs or a sculpted back by summer, but at least you are trying and trying today makes things happen tomorrow.

Stay Beautiful,

Friday, March 8, 2013

Have my sweets and eat them too!

Most people think that I don't eat anything but protein powder,  chicken and broccoli. Or that I am on a consistent diet and I deprive myself of indulgences.Well that is absolutely not the case! I am addicted to sweets.  When most people want sweets they charge to the freezer for the ice cream or rummage for a candy bar.  Living a paleo lifestyle does not limit me to fruit, veggies and meat.  It has actually expanded my pallet and I now eat so many different things I never thought I liked. 

Here is an easy recipe for something so delicious that you will have to use self control to stop eating them! Best part it only takes about 5 min to prepare.

No- bake coconut chocolate balls
1/3 cup agave or honey
1/3 cup coconut oil melted
1/3 cup almond butter
1 1/2 tbs cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla  (I use brandy!)
2 cups sweetened shredded coconut

Mix everything together and roll into balls.  Refrigerate for about an hour and enjoy!

I have made these a few times,  and each and every time people cannot just eat one!  This is a simple,  paleo, gluten free recipe to enjoy. I moderation of course, If you can!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get a better butt by summer

It's getting warmer and shorts, mini skirts and bathing suits will soon be pulled from their hiding spots and back into wardrobe rotation.  What better time to hit the gym then right NOW! Here are a few exercises to get your booty in shape by summer. I have attached video tutorials to help out. I'm not promising miracles, but these exercises if done correctly will help your badonkadonk.

1. Single leg dead lift with at least a 20 lb.  kettle or dumbbell. Make sure to keep good posture while doing this exercise.
3 sets of 12-15 reps.

2. Full range of motion dead lift.  Start off with light weight and increase the weights as you continue. To avoiid injury to your back make sure your back is flat and your drive off your heels. It helps to look at something high on a wall to keep your head up.
5 sets of 20, 15, 10, 5, 5.

3. Cable pull through. With this exercise you need to really reach through your legs get a good stretch and pop up fast, keeping your shoulders slightly rounded.  Make sure not to arch your back at the top. try to keep the weight as heavy as you can without letting the cable pull you off balance.
4 sets of 20

5. Single leg glute bridge.  This exercise seems relatively easy until you hold it up at the end!
4 sets of 10, on the last one of each set squeeze your butt like you are crushing and apple and hold for 10 seconds.

6. Back extension. With this exercise you need to adjust the machine so it hits your hip bones, this will get the exercise to hit your booty.  On your way up, again SQUEEZE your cheeks like you are crushing that apple!  By squeezing it will draw your body up, but do not arch at the top.  Make sure to keep your shoulders rounded and really stretch at the bottom.
4 sets of 15, if you feel strong enough try it holding a kettlebell.

With each exercise you need to really SQUEEZE and CRUSH that apple, and thrust your hips,  all while pulling your pelvis to your rib cage.  You should feel your abs engaging with each movement as well. If you feel like you are getting a secondary ab work out you are doing it right! If you throw these few exercises into your weekly regiment 2 times a week you will see an improvement in your behind by summer time!

I hope this helps you guys!

*Disclaimer* If you have any questions please ask, or seek out a trainer to demonstrate and help you,  because one wrong move with an exercise can throw your back out. 

Stay Beautiful,

Monday, March 4, 2013

You want one don't ya!

I have found the mother of all backpacks ! The classic backpack (when my husband doesn't steal it)! This bag is a life changer! It is perfect for going from the gym to work, school, or wherever. This bag makes my life so much easier and organized.

The main large compartment is a perfect fit for my gym clothes and a towel or school books. it opens wide enough so you can see everything in there. Nothing is hidden from sight or falls into the black hole we know all backpack have! The water bottle slot is a good size and fits even my larger bottles. Best part, the bottles stay standing upright! Lord knows I have had many accidents, and wet clothes or school books, are not fun! In the back of the bag there is a padded zippered area that fits my laptop. And for those of you who tend to loose your sunglasses, scratch, or sit on them there is a soft lined spot for those too! And the bottom zipper wraps around, opens big and fits your sneakers. This bag has hit all the marks that an active athlete looks for.

And for the beach bum this bag is perfect too! Enough room for a few towels, beverages, and I use the bottom section for snacks instead of shoes! Through your MP3 player and speakers in there and you are good to go!

This bag is perfect for pretty much every aspect of my life. I take it everywhere, probably couldn't get through a day with out it! And if you aren't into backpacks there are a variety of different bags on the site. From totes to messenger bags. There is one for every walk of life.

Stay Beautiful,

beautifully primal

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wanna eat out don't ya?

Its hard these days to go to a restaurant and find a healthy option, especially if you are following the primal diet.  Everything seems to come with a side of fries, or bread for starters.  And going out with friends can pose as a challenge as you try to not look too picky as you are altering the entire meal you ordered.  Not to mention the looks you get from the waitress when removing almost everything.

Finding a restaurant with a gluten free menu is a start. That will give you many more options. One of my personal favorites is Ruby Tuesday. I never have a problem ordering a perfectly satisfying primal meal.  My usual go to is the BBQ chicken with broccoli and spaghetti squash. Today I went to Red Robin.  I had full intentions of not eating and sipping on my water with lemon until I saw the Ensenada chicken platter! It comes with 1 chicken breast or 2 and a salad. I went for 1 chicken breast and balsamic dressing. Very filling and delicious all for under 400 calories and 28 grams of protein, and less than 20 carbs!

So it is possible to eat healthy while out and about. You just need to be conscience of your choices. So take the bread off, ask for extra veggies and you will be well on your way to making that meal primal!

Stay beautiful,

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little bit about me!

Hi everyone,

Just a little about myself, I am a fitness competitor and personal trainer. I also live a primal lifestyle.

My journey to fitness has been a long one.  Five years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I was always healthy, energetic and lived and athletic lifestyle.  This threw me for a whirl wind! I received many radiation treatments. Needless to say it took a long time for me to feel "normal" again.

Due to this disease I gained almost 40 pounds.  I was not over weight by health care standards, but not confident in myself. My doctors told me that it was all a side effect of not having a thyroid. I was bound and determined to prove them wrong.  It was 2 years ago I vowed to get myself back in shape and healthy again.  I began slowly by taking gyrotonics classes and built my way up to weight lifting and endurance training.

It wasn't until I last fall that I really felt like I was back! I gained the confidence back I had lost, and competed in 2 figure competitions, placing 3rd in the first and 2nd in the next.  Having the guts to get on stage was enough for me, but to even place, I was on top of the world.  About 1 month after competing I had a body scan and November 2012 I was told I was cancer free! I can honestly say that fitness and a primal lifestyle has made me a better person. And proved to my doctors that anything is possible.

My mission with this blog is to motivate everyone and show you that living a primal life isn't a diet. It's a wonderful lifestyle change! I plan on posting recipes I love and exercises that will help you be beautifully primal!